Before You Start Your [op_get_param param= Business

Before You Start Your [op_get_param param= Business

You may have seen some of the buzz around [op_get_param param= and are wondering if it's really what it is cracked up to be. This article will help you see the light.

[op_get_param param= primarily marketed through direct sales. Also know as a network marketing distribution model.

It is also referred too as MLM or "Multi-Level Marketing" to some.

Its very important that before you actually join or start your [op_get_param param= business that you understand the structure and compensation plan.

Is [op_get_param param= a Legitimate Company?

This is the big question on everyone's mind.

The only way for you to get a feel for if your particular [op_get_param param= will be around is to research the company further.

Who are the owners and what is their vision for the future?

How long have they been in business is of course an important question to ask as well.

While the products might be great, knowing these questions is vital to making an informed decision.

Already Signed Up For [op_get_param param=?

If you have already joined [op_get_param param=, I will tell you my number one concern has always been chasing family and friends.

However, IF you are throwing caution to the wind and want to build an MLM empire with [op_get_param param=, let me share with you some MLM prospecting tips:

1. Don't be addicted to an outcome. Don't get upset if friends and family tell you they don't want to join you.

2. Understand that in network marketing, your product is NOT your product, your product is actually lifestyle. Focus more on what network marketing does than what [op_get_param param= is.

3. Understand it is a numbers game. There are lots of people going to tell you no to a company like [op_get_param param= in such a highly competitive industry. Just talk to more people.

Best Resources to Build [op_get_param param= Business

I would highly suggest a couple books and a couple resources. Tools are essential if you are going to build a serious business. These tools can be suggested to people you bring onboard to help keep them in the game for longer.


1. Your first year in network marketing by Mark Yarnell
2. Straight talk by George Zalucki

Also learn to generate leads online using a proven online system.

My Personal Opinion About [op_get_param param=

While I have been in network marketing companies before and I believe many of them are very legitimate companies I have chosen a model that is more lucrative and focuses on the incredible leverage of internet marketing.

After marketing online for more than 10 years I am very particular about what I put my name too and I have chosen to lock arms with Legendary Marketer.

This is a company that has amazing products and training that will help you build any business you want, not just [op_get_param param=.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and connect.

You rock,

Mark Harbert