WARNING: For the home biz owner who does not want to get left behind...

How to Tap Into The New Underground REVOLUTION of Lead Generation That's So Scary Potent and Automated... That the Tightest Circles of Top-Earners In the Home Biz Industry Have Desperately Tried to Keep It from Being Leaked! (Until NOW!)

I'm about to blow the lid off of this entire strategy – so that YOU can start pumping fresh leads into your business starting almost immediately...

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There's a secret-weapon inside Facebook Messenger that you likely haven't heard about, and I'm leaking it to the internet for YOU to deploy and profit from right now...

Urgent: From the Desk of Mark Harbert:

The truth is, I was a bit nervous to publish this page.

I'm expecting some very nasty emails...and some inevitable dirty looks (maybe even shunning) from the tight circles of online marketers in-the-know.

Because they would much rather NOT have this secret out in the open!

And who could blame them?

However, why should they get all the advantages? This pool of prospects is so MASSIVE.

Shouldn't YOU also be able to use a strategy... and the little-known tools that make it work... to harness the most populated social network on the internet?  So that you too can pull in massive amounts of leads for YOUR business...cutting out many steps...within just 1-click?

I think you should!

That's why I've put together an in-depth online step-by-step training so that YOU can...

Get High-Caliber Leads, Build Your Audience, and Make Sales... By Automating Facebook Messenger!

Normal Price $497 TODAY Only...


or Three Payments of $117

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Here's the thing...

The internet WILL eventually catch on to this strategy that so far has been kept underground. But loose lips sink ships. Only this ship can't be sunk. It's too big!

As of the writing of this letter, Facebook has 2.1 Billion active users, and it's growing by 17% year over year.

Each and every one of these users have a Facebook messenger inbox.

Even more powerful, is that 1.7 billion of these users are daily mobile users. Which means they get pinged right on their phone, wherever they are, when they receive messages from YOU.

In fact, 1 BILLION messages are exchanged every month. Which makes it the #1 most used messaging app in existence.

Imagine what you're missing if you don't dip into this flow of traffic. And once we show you how to quickly and

This is a CAPTIVE AUDIENCE, constantly and eagerly awaiting notifications!

This strategy is so brand new... revolutionary in fact...that most marketers don't even know it's possible yet.

You'll Be So Far Ahead of the Curve, With the Ability to Build an Actual Lead List Right on Facebook, That Nobody Will Be Able to Catch You.

Imagine how fast your business will grow when you can:

  • Build an actual LIST of FB Messenger SUBSCRIBERS WITH A SINGLE CLICK (In other words keep them right there on Facebook without transferring them to an email list)
  • Grab up highly-targeted and already interested prospects who leave comments on your post (without EVER leaving Facebook)
  • Take website visitors from your blog or website and turn them into subscribers inside Facebook messenger (inside 1-click)... where they're actually hanging out all day, and actually OPENING their messages!
  • Set-Up AUTOMATED Messenger Campaigns Inside Facebook to promote your products and opportunities to subscribers who know, like, and trust you!
  • Broadcast a messages to your Facebook Messenger subscribers (automated of course) without any fear of getting flagged for spamming...because they're raised their hand and asked for it!
  • And much more!

The New Era Has Begun and We're Entering a New Phase of Lead Generation That Is Already Out-Performing Email Lead Generation, Open Rates, and Conversions!...

Don't Get Left Behind...Join This Revolution!

Normal Price $497 TODAY Only...


or Three Payments of $117

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Here's What You'll Discover in This 6 Module Training...

Module #1: Your Plan of Attack (Tools & Strategy!)

We want to go in with all guns blazing. We're talking about one of...if not THE... most powerful Facebook tool & strategy to come to online marketing ever. However, even when you go into a knife fight with a bazooka, you want to completely understand how to use your weapon!

Here's what you'll find out in Module #1...

  • Why You MUST be using FB Messenger in your business in 2018 and beyond (And all the reasons not doing so is leaving money and sign-ups on the table)
  • The power of Multi-Touch Marketing and why Messenger fits into this concept perfectly!
  • A startling fact about human attention span vs. that of a goldfish (and how to use this fact to YOUR advantage in business)
  • The choice that your prospects REALLY WANT and HOW you can give it to them!
  • How Messenger can be the ONE TOOL that you use for lead generation IF that's how you want to run your business (and exactly how to add other tools easily and seamlessly)
  • The average person needs ______ exposures before making a decision (I'll give you that number in the blank space...and show how to make these exposures happen quickly!)
  • Will Messenger KILL Email? (you might be surprised by my answer to this question!)
  • Email VS. FB Messenger: The jaw-dropping stats that show just how powerful this new marketing medium is!
  • What your primary focus should be when using email messenger that could very well SAVE YOUR BUSINESS!
  • The Do's and Don'ts for FB Messenger Marketing that makes it more effective and keeps you out of trouble with the Facebook powers!
  • The _____ to _____ ratio that you MUST adhere to in your business if you want to make your audience LOVE YOU! (and you do!)
  • The thing you should NEVER DO that will lead to damaging the effectiveness of your Messenger Marketing over time!
  • 6 Key Places to deploy messenger marketing in your business that will grow your business profoundly!
  • The vital Awareness Funnel that means EVERYTHING in your marketing (get this wrong and you needlessly waste time and money!)
  • What to do NEXT to get started with Messenger starting immediately!

Module #2: Bot Initiation & Deployment

In this Module well immediately begin to start marching forward with this strategy. You'll start the process of putting your messenger list-building bot into action.

Here's what you'll find out in Module #2...

  • The ManyChat Tour: What is it, what can you do with it, and how to make it dramatically effective and change your business forever?
  • How to set up your first keyword based mini-campaign so you can go full blast with this miracle app to explode your business.
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up the ManyChat tool that will act as your "auto-responder" for Facebook marketing.
  • The FREE ManyChat account vs. the Pro Account and which you should use depending on where you're at in your business (and the 1 biggest drawback of the FREE account!)
  • Everything you need to know about the ManyChat Dashboard and how to navigate this tool like a PRO!
  • How to quickly create your simple ManyChat links to send people so you get prospects fired up and ready to receive your FB Messages (this is automated!)
  • The Audience Tab: How to send messages to your FB list, how to segment your prospects, and the best way to use ManyChat for maximum engagement.
  • How to use Live Chat within ManyChat so that you can chat on Messenger right through the app (And the small pitfalls that come with using it through ManyChat!)
  • Sneaky ways to use ManyChat and Messenger as a CRM tool for your business!
  • The ManyChat Growth Tools: How to get subscribers into messenger and start building your FB list to market to them over and over again.
  • How to quickly and easily install a ManyChat "optin" bar on your website and allow visitors to join your FB list with just 1-click (NO actual optin required!)
  • How to set up your "Welcome Message" to immediately engage with your new subscribers as soon as they optin to your FB Messenger list!
  • The SIMPLE METHOD to Set Up Automated Replies to make your subscribers feel as though they're having an actual conversation with you (all on automation!)
  • When you SHOULD and when you SHOULDN'T send your subscribers to an email capture page (Hint: You should still be building an email addresses!)
  • Don't have a website? I'll show you how to set up a FB Messenger capture page so that you to use this highly-effective tool even without a website or blog!
  • How to set up ManyChat so that certain keywords trigger a message to be sent out immediately so you quickly create new subscribers!
  • How to Create a Menu Within FB Messenger to give prospects numerous options to consume and engage with your content!
  • And Tons MORE!

Check Out What My Students Have Said So Far About The Workshop After Only 2 Weeks...

This May Be the ONE AND ONLY TIME You've Actually Seen Something “Ground-Floor” Come Along in the Home Biz Industry...That's Actually Ground-Floor!

The home biz industry loves to throw around the term “ground-floor”.

And as you've likely noticed... very few things actually ARE.

However, until RIGHT NOW...there's never been a way to generate actual LEADS on Facebook... which is the biggest, most used, most frequented SOCIAL NETWORK on the planet.

You're at the forefront of a  REVOLUTION! So NEW & POWERFUL that very few in-the-know are speaking about it. That ends TODAY...

Come Join the Messenger Revolution TODAY!

Normal Price $497 TODAY Only...


or Three Payments of $117

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