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Here's the Fastest Way to Build Your Audience,  and Immediately Start Pulling in All the Leads You'll Ever Need to Dominate the Home Biz Industry... Using Simple High Converting Facebook Ads!

(Even if You're Brand Spanking New and No Matter What Niche You're Business Is In!)

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I'll take you into my personal Facebook Ads Manager and reveal my own  ads so you know exactly what to do for an immediate surge in likes, engagement, and fresh LEADS for YOUR business  (with as little as a $5 a day advertising budget!)

My name is Mark Harbert,

I want to tell you all about how I've been using what I think is the single greatest marketing method available today... to quickly build a profitable home business ...

IF you're somebody who wants to to FAST FORWARD YOUR RESULTS, and start pulling leads from the largest pool available online.

That pool is paid Facebook Ads!

Why You Should Keep Reading Even IF You Don't Think You Have a Budget for Paid Advertising...

Facebook is a never ending source to extract the exact prospects that you need to grow your business.

YOUR customers ARE on Facebook. That I can guarantee!

How do I know?

Well because there are 1.94 BILLION active monthly users on Facebook as of May of 2017.

1.2 Billion of those log onto FB every single day.

It's just a matter of targeting them with pin-point accuracy, and creating an ad that gives them exactly what they need, so that they get pulled to YOU like a magnet...and become a lead.

The beautiful thing is that if you know what you're doing (which I'll show you) FB makes it very simple to find these exact people that want what you have!!

Using my methods, you'll be able to at the VERY least get all the FREE Leads You'll Ever Need for your business...

And more likely...start seeing massive profits for your business over and over again.

ALL in Just 3 Simple Steps...

  • Pinpoint Target Your Audience
  • Create Your Ad
  • Get Leads (and likely sales) 24/7!

Sounds pretty simple right?

The truth is that it is likely much more simple than you think.

However there are some rough waters that you'll have to navigate around and that's exactly what I'll show you how to do step-by-step!

But first?...

Are You At One of These Stages in Your Home Biz?

  • You've run out of people to talk to about your business, and now you're ready to tap into the vast pool of prospects online?
  • You simply don't want to talk to people that you know (“warm list”) and so you want a way to avoid that all together?
  • You've had some success with your home business with FREE marketing methods, and now you're ready to tap into paid? (But you want an experienced guide to get you started on the right track?)

If You Said Yes to ANY of Those Stages Above Then NOW Is the Time to Take Advantage of Facebook Ads to Grow Your Audience, Build Your Email List, and Get Sales & Sign-Ups!

I've actually been in all 3 of the above scenarios, and fall mostly into the C category now.

Using FREE video marketing methods I was able to pull in tens of thousands of FREE Leads into my business.

However there came that pivotal time in my career where it was time to step things up a huge notch, and that's exactly what I've been able to do with paid advertising!

And of course, hundreds of my students and coaching clients fit into one of those 3 scenarios!

Using effective FB ads the way I'll lay it out for you on this page has proven insanely effective  to grow mine and their businesses at a rapid rate...and enjoy huge profits at the same time!

Now, It's Not Unheard of To Get 300+ Leads Per Day for My Business With Facebook Ads!


'Social Media Ad School'

How to Dominate the Web with Your Brand & Explode Your Biz Using Highly-Effective Facebook Ads

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Here's What You'll Get When You Invest TODAY!...

MODULE #1: Laying The Foundation

  • Why you can apply this training to absolutely ANY niche to grow your biz, expand your brand, and increase your income!
  • 5 Critical reasons WHY FB is the place you MUST BE RIGHT NOW to grow your biz ( And why if you're not... you're throwing tons of money away!)
  • The vital fundamentals of paid FB ads that you MUST know to create and sustain MASSIVE long-term success in YOUR biz!
  • The #1 mistake that most marketers make that you MUST avoid like the plague (even though it will be VERY tempting!)
  • The key to FB that goes beyond that ads... and if you ignore them... nothing will work as effectively as it should (Yes Nothing)
  • Why this course could totally change your actual off-line social life (and give you a place to lay your head if you need 😉
  • The 4 Reasons people are actually on FB, and the #1 reason they're NOT there (95% of people fail on FB because they never grasp this!)
  • How I generated 5,553 leads in 70 days and banked $121K+ in product sales... ALL in just the 1st 3 months of 2017!
  • And MUCH MORE!!

MODULE #2: Facebook Ad Deployment (Take Over YOUR Niche!)

  • The #1 Step you MUST take FIRST with FB Ads if you want ANY hope for success at all (WARNING: If you're not willing to go deep on this, you WILL fail)
  • The art of positioning...WHY it matters...and how to do it so you dominate YOUR niche!
  • The keys to setting up a highly effective funnel to slide people from prospect to lead and buyer lightning FAST!
  • How to pull leads into your funnel 24/7 (so that you can sell to them over and over again!)
  • The 3 must have weapons to have in your war chest to get started with Facebook Ads with a LOUD BANG!
  • My favorite advanced tools you don't need just yet (but you'll want to consider ASAP) to start raking in HUGE results!
  • And MUCH MORE!

MODULE #3: Get the Ball Rolling (Creating & Posting Your 1st AD!)

  • A Detailed Tour of Your FB Ad Manager, so that you know all the nooks and crannies inside and out (And never become overwhelmed again!)
  • Everything you need to know about the various types of FB Ads...what each one does... and how to know which one that YOU want to create FIRST!
  • The one ad type that I NEVER use and the exact reason why I don't (But it doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't!)
  • How to legally and ethically stalk your prospects all over the internet to practically force them to see YOUR ads no matter where they go Facebook!
  • The KEY METRIC every big dog on Facebook pays close attention to... and how to track this metric to the tee, so that you're never flying blind with your ads again!
  • Watch me create a brand new ad right in front of your eyes so you can see my exact process I go through each and every single time (Follow along and get YOUR 1st ad up FAST!)
  • How to Create Custom Audiences to pin-point target the people who have visited your pages, and even watched your Facebook videos. (This is simple but NINJA stuff!)
  • Avoid the catastrophic mistake that many first time FB marketers make that costs them money on ads that they can never recoup!
  • The one thing I let Facebook do automatically with MY ads, because they do it so darned well (You'll want to do it too!)
  • And MUCH MORE!!

MODULE #4: Optimizing Your Ads for Total PROFIT Domination!

  • You're REAL #1 Objective when you create Facebook Ads that you MUST keep in mind to cause a snowball affect with ALL your marketing!
  • Your PAGE Strategy: The key to make certain ALL your ads are ultra-effective, so you get MORE high quality leads with every campaign!
  • The First Thing you MUST Do as SOON AS You Build Your Fan Page (Miss this 1 thing and you're leaving tons of leads and sales on the table for your competition!)
  • The 2 types of ads you'll want to create immediately after your Fan Page is set up (And why it's vital to your entire bottomline!)
  • Exactly WHO you want to "LIKE" your page, WHY you want them, and how to start getting them right away!
  • The magic # of likes you want to hit as quickly as possible (And why this metric is so significant!)
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up the RIGHT FB AD that will pull people in like moths to a flame, and almost force them to LIKE your page!
  • WHO You Want to EXCLUDE from Seeing Your Ad... and why it will save you big-time in advertising costs!
  • Who I ONLY target when I set up my LIKES ads and WHY (This will help you get you MORE bang for your buck!)
  • The BEST type of image to use in your LIKES ADS that get amazing results!
  • A Sneaky Way to Get Immediate Authority in Your Marketing that you'll want to start applying ASAP (This will give you a huge edge RIGHT AWAY!)
  • What your #1 crucial goal should be when you create ads on FB that will build you a monster business that YOU control forever!
  • Your Backstage Pass: A look INSIDE MY PERSONAL ADS MANAGER so you can see exactly what my results are in MY business (so you can do the same!)
  • How to drill down and find out EXACTLY where your ads are most effective (So you can eliminate the dead weight that costs you money on ad spend!)
  • And MUCH MORE!!

You Can Clearly See That I've Left NO STONE UNTURNED in this course!!

In usual fashion, I've laid everything out on the table so that you can get the best results possible, and get those results FASTER than you ever thought possible.

And this isn't even the end because...

You Haven't Even Seen the BONUSES I've Included!

BONUS #1: The Complete 'Social Media Ad School' Audio Library

You're busy. You don't always have time to sit and watch the videos over and over to soak all this in. Therefore I've add the audio library so you can fully digest the training inside Social Media Ad School on the go!

You can play these tracks in your car while you're fighting traffic, or listen at the gym, when you're cleaning the house, or even at work! (I won't tell 😉

BONUS #2: My Carefully Selected List of 'Social Media Ad School' Resources

Throughout this training I mention different resources that I use to make Social Media Ad School more effective for growing your business.

I give you my entire list of resources that I use, and give my highest recommendation through experience!

These resources will save you tons of time, headache, and heartache!

BONUS #3: Access to the 'Social Media Ad School' Private and Exclusive Facebook Group

Ever invest in a training, only to feel abandoned as soon you hit the add to cart button!

You'll never feel left alone with this course (or ANY of my courses for that matter!) Our Private & exclusive Social Media Ad School FB Group!

You'll have very frequent access to ME inside this group (YES, I'll be in there!) as well as your fellow students who are on the same trek as you are.

Bounce ideas off each other in the group, see other people's successes, get support when you're feeling a little confused or you're having one of those days when things just aren't going right.

This group is your private mastermind that you'll have access to 24/7!

30 Day ‘Action-Takers Only’ MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Still wondering if this is for you?

I'm taking a different approach to my 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee that's going to help YOU commit to being the true action taker that you must be!

I want to give you every chance in the world to put Social Media Ad School to action in your biz!
So I'm saying “screw it” with your everyday cookie-cutter GUARANTEE that gives you the chance to back out of fulfilling YOUR dreams.

I'll gladly refund you EVERY PENNY of your investment if you come to me within 30 Days and SHOW ME SOLID EVIDENCE that you've put this information into action, putting up and testing at least three ads as I lay out in the course and nothing happened!

Why Am I NOT Afraid to Give You This “Tough Love” Guarantee?

The Social Media Ad School is for business owners who are committed to implementing profit producing systems into their business, and NOT merely for tire kickers only interested in collecting more information that collects dust on their hard drives. The truth is…if you're not going to put this course to use, then I'd rather you just click away now.

My staff and I will be strict on this policy – you absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.

There’s transformation waiting for you inside this training, and since my main goal is your success, I’m not afraid to give you some tough love when it comes to holding you accountable to yourself, your family, and your dreams.

More On The 30-Day Guarantee Here

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'Social Media Ad School'

How to Dominate the Web with Your Brand & Explode Your Biz Using Highly-Effective Facebook Ads

Pick Up This Step-by-Step 4-Module Training TODAY for JUST $397


To Your Success,

Mark Harbert

P.S. It's no secret that Social Media is here to stay and only getting more and more vital to any and all online businesses. This course will put you WAY ahead of the competition so that you stay always ready and on the cutting edge of Facebook advertising!

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